Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Canon Auto Focus 38mm lens

Some images from my experimentation/fun with a new toy.
Fully automatic, on camera flash, 35mm film, cross processed.

and that flash is BRIIIIIIGHT!

Gen at her stall in the Yr 2 Exhibition

A snap Gen took of me unawares!

One of Gen's many faces.

Darcy: King of Chaos.

Elle, Beka & Anthony. Such shiny hair.

A failed double exposure. But Tracy looks superb.

BAM flash in the face. Take that Darcy.


Anthony hugs Tracy & Beka goodbye.

A suitable double exposure! Beka's head is always in the clouds.
And check out the sweet tee her boyfriend made her!

This little sparrow had a sore leg. We fed him cone.

They were rainbow icecreams.

Myself & Beka

Cat & Beka. Two super beautiful friends.

Myself & Gen at the Fish Cocktail Bar celebrating her completion of 2nd year.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today I did my last ever assignment toward my Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging. It was a speech/5min talk about my final project to my lecturers and peers. And now, I don't know what to do with myself until I move out of Palmy (forever), but that is exciting, because I have time for myself now, to relax and plan and appreciate the beautiful sunshine instead of being on a computer all day.

My friend Hits took this picture of me infront of my part in the exhibition.
They're not actually pinned crooked on the wall!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Recently, a few weekends ago, I went to Hamilton to my good friend Che's 21st celebration. I had found an unused disposable camera at the Sallies for $2 and was determined to use it all that night. There's definitely something way more interesting and intriguing about analogue, I love the vibrancy of the colours and the aesthetic of the expired film. Somehow the pictures seem more alive and genuine. You can't beat a good night with a group of good people.
Here are my favourite images: 

a little while ago

I got an email from the lovely Ashleigh at Lucire Magazine, and a photoshoot was organised! We shot at Makara Beach, down in Wellington NZ. I was so so excited to shoot such beautiful clothes and a professional model that the lack of sunshine didn't bother me at all! Here are some snippets from my shoot with Lucire Magazine as part of a "new talent" section for their website!
I'll post the link when they're up online!

Photographer: Krystal Opie @ Kopie photography
Make-up Artist: Alex Hunt.
Model: Ashleigh Berry @ Kirsty Bunny MGMT

things change

When night falls ..

.. the rogue youth grab their skateboards and
wreak havoc around town.
If only this carefree life lasted a little longer.

I see beauty in everyone

A range of beauty shots I did for my portfolio.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

promotional material

I designed some new business cards, as well as some postcards to send out to potential & current clients. I haven't quite decided on which business cards to use, the ones above are prototypes. The postcards are printed on recycled paper. Because I love the planet.