Wednesday, June 27, 2012

friendly dragons

Down a narrow alley framed by arches of branches I found 
a place of wonderful atmosphere, delicious coffee and toe tapping music.

The smile behind the counter welcomed me warmly when I told him it was my first visit. It's a beautiful day so I sit outside in the courtyard, the sun peaking at me from behind a climbing vine. I sit on a mustard vinyl covered chair at a table that looks like it's from the 60s. There's a flamingo in the garden but he never blinks. Sparrows at my feet tilt their heads in hope that I will spare some crumbs.

The spoon in my coffee has a rabbit embossed in silver, the plates don't match and the glass doors are cut into geometric patterns. There are fairy lights and coloured bulbs hanging above me.

I feel at home in a strange city at this moment.
I think I've found my sanctuary.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I've been walking a lot.
And seeing some beautiful things.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Farewell dear family

Today my family gathered at our house for an afternoon tea farewell.
Gramma even made my favourite piece of baking!
They really are the best.

I got the best goodbye cuddle! I adore him.

This duck cart has been loved by many in my family.
L>R : Grandad, Gramma, Ewan, Dad, Mum.
Louise + Nicholas, Me, Reece.

I can't say no to those eyes!!

Nicholas is so smart! And a boss at building with blocks.
I love that he likes having his photo taken.

once in a dream

I wish I knew what went on in your mind.

Because mine is a storm of raindrops, wind gusts from all directions and flashes of light. Moments in the eye of it are calm and mesmerising, when things feel right and seem possible. Maybe one day I'll find out if there is a spark between us, I want to get lost in your mind.

But until then my dreams are a welcome escape.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a New Chapter

So I decided I would move to Adelaide.

One of my very very good friends has a spare room, and every time I look at her photos I'm jealous of her awesome life filled to the brim with fun and friends. Seeing as I'm in a bit of a rut at the moment, I thought the change to Aussie could only make things better! I need an adventure.

I found this bag in an opshop in Te Aroha while visiting my grandparents, and thought it would be handy on my travels. When I got home and showed mum she burst out laughing because she had one almost exactly the same when she went on her OE!! What are the odds!!?? Crazy stuff.

So I've been going around saying so long to my friends and family, which ended up with a lot of laughs and a few tears (on my part) I'M GOING TO MISS EVERYONE SO MUCH

So long Darcy, Gen, Elle, Beka, Jas + Kim  <3

So I fly out on Tuesday (19 June) and I'm having trouble packing up my whole life, mostly my clothes haaha. But I'm thoroughly excited!

Keep an eye on my blog and fb page to see what I get up to   =]

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

bird of paradise


Helping out Grant with an assignment.
He designed, sewed and modeled his own collection.
Aren't they superb!!?

the Hobbit

I've just finished reading the Hobbit. Thought it would be good to do before the movie came out. It's such a good story. I definitely recommend reading it. There was one sentence in it that stuck with me...

beautiful words.


 Feels like forever since I've done a really good update on things. Life hasn't been too busy, but it's all the small things that happen that I want to share.

SO! To start off. The above photos are from a road trip I went on in March with two of the nicest people in the world, Beka and Nath. They were heading up to Whangapoua in the Coromandel for a wedding. I grew up with a bach up in Matarangi, just across the harbour from Whangpoua so the area is riddled with memories for me and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go back there to reminisce and escape. I was flooded with images from my childhood: We went fishing on the wharf like a million times, jumped off it, A-frame houses, climbing around the bluff on rocks at lowtide, finding starfish in the rockpools. All these things pulled at my heart strings. I feel most like myself when I'm at those beaches.
This time, I was like a barnacle. Along for the ride, taking what I could get.
While Beka and Nath were at the wedding festivities I wandered around the small town, up and down the beach. I sat on a pohutukawa tree branch and read my book. Went for a couple swims. I went for a walk in the rain on the sand, watching the curtain of water coming toward me across the ocean. It was heaven.

I was invited to brunch on the Sunday, to consume all the amazingly delicious leftovers from the wedding. The Sun was burning bright in the sky and we decided to venture around the corner to New Chums Beach. Which is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And it was. It was breathtaking.

photos taken by Beka and Nath on their i-phones.

taken on one of my film cameras.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Not a Lemon!

The latest success! Lemon Macarons with lemon curd and marscapone filling.

I'm soooo happy they turned out this good! So close to perfect! Maybe they even are perfect. I think I'm my own worst judge. My Aunt is visiting from Perth and I wanted to impress her with my baking skills. And now I have. It's a good Sunday.