Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This is Ché and Mandy, two crazy awesome lovely MUAs I've had the pleasure of meeting in Adelaide. We'll be doing more collaborations soon and I'm very excited! Stay posted :)

Down a windy road ..

We found red dirt, gum trees and wigged ducks.

We fed wallabies coffee cream biscuits.

We looked into the eyes of creatures great and small.

We made unnatural excited squealing sounds.

We were watched and looked at.

And I renewed my love.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I braved this gigantic bumpy slide. It was worth it.

I love you like I love the sun.
We spun around and around, the world became a blur.
Castle by the sea.

Semaphore Wharf.

This was the manliest chair I had ever seen.

Hundreds of specimen boxes holding beautiful creations of the earth.
Ohh heey Adelaide!

Flying through the heavens toward a new beginning.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

faces in places

I did a test shoot of this stunning girl, Martha.
She has an adorable laugh, great smile and beautiful personality.
I can't wait to show you the rest of the pictures, and photograph her again!
Mina and me. I though the comparison was humorous.
I had been practicing skating on my Penny board and was feeling like a boss.
This is Amanda, my housemate, in some lovely evening light.
She's got beautiful eyes and a contagious laugh.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Red & Gold

Chinatown; Drive with Amanda; Coffee with Sarah.
I met up with a lovely MUA named Ché, she took me to Chinatown for lunch,
and we talked about exciting plans for the near future.

On a cold afternoon my housemate took me to a gigantic mall 20min drive from
home, we talked a lot, it's a good way to get to know people.
The sun popped out on the way back. Sunset never fails to impress me.

Sarah took me to lunch in a small vegan cafe up some narrow stairs which was run by one man.
The food and fresh juice were amazingly delicious, I felt better for consuming them.
Then we had coffee in a narrow cafe which seemingly only employed trim hip young men.


 A muted meow and soft scratching sounds rouse me from my slumber. I reach up and grab the parcel on my desk, rip the paper off and grin with happiness. A nature guide to minerals. Karsha knows me oh too well. My attire for the day includes my favourite crystal necklaces, a cosmic printed shirt, a velvet cape and sparkly starfish earrings. I take the bus to what I hope to be my usual cafe, where I indulge in a mug of coffee, a chocolate tart and some magazine browsing. On the bus into the city centre I sit next to a Croatian man, who has been in Australia for 40years but still has a very strong accent. He chats to me about his family, helps me with directions, compliments my eyes, and wishes me good luck. His name was Tobi and he had a beautiful crinkly face. I make the connection to the bus to Semaphore, and the sun bursts through the clouds, burning away their cotton candy and revealing the blues of the heavens.
I arrive to calm seas and a gentle breeze. There are children playing by the shore, jumping off the wharf onto the soft cream sand. I stroll to the end of the jetty and ask some fishermen if they've had any luck. They hadn't. I walk the main street, getting a few bargains in a couple opshops. The girl who makes my sandwich chats happily away and wishes me a happy birthday. I eat it on the beach, surrounded by cheeky seagulls, but two golden Labradors race down the walkway and all the feathers go flying. I walk under the wharf and along the beach watching kids splash happily in the cold shallows. I wish I were still as fearless as them. After I follow the road back to the town square I venture to get an icecream, because it's been that kind of day. Mango gelato is what I ordered, but I was short $2, and when the man behind the counter said "don't worry about it", like he secretly knew it was my birthday, my day brightened a little bit more.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Je veux être français

Last night I went to a dinner party. 
We dressed French, ate French food, drank French wine and laughed French laughs.
It was enormously fun. I want to be French. I've been learning to speak it as I explore this new city, talking to myself in op-shops and getting weird looks at crossings.
I'll get there someday.

Friday, July 6, 2012

sunny days

My first view of Henley Beach
The wharf
There are so many vapour trails every day
Sunset and an impressive hot chocolate
The colours of dusk
"liquid silk and sky like a strawberry macaron." - Grant Davy
Me at Brighton

Henley Beach

I follow the outlet under a bridge. There are men fishing and giant metal pelicans hovering over me. The day is perfect. Blue skies, warm sun, a brisk breeze. And then I see it. The ocean always puts the biggest smile on my face, it feels like it's about to explode. The sand is white and crunchy, and the air smells like seaweed and salt. I don't think I've ever seen so much horizon. The world seems endless. And it is.
A busker finishes a song in the square and is applauded by one onlooker. I get a table for one, as is my custom now. There is endless chatter around me, but I glimpse dolphins swimming by through the window and it seems like I'm the only person witnessing it .. which makes me incredibly happy. The day cannot get more perfect now. High cloud encroaches but it doesn't darken my mood.

-- interlude --

I leap off the bus and rush to the shore, breathless but full of determination. With the intense fire glowing in the clouds, I watch the final curve of the sun disappear below the horizon, burning bright red and imprinting itself in my vision. The sound of crashing waves and fishermen conversing meet my ears and I take a deep breath.
Sea air cleanses the soul.
The breeze gets cold, the lights turn on, and I return to land.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

orange leaves and cat fur

I found myself home alone tonight, which usually results in me painting my face in various ways and photographing myself. So here are the results. Nothing startling, but a bit of fun nontheless. Mina the cat is keeping me company, she's a little bit nuts. Today is the anniversary of the day Mina came to live in Australia with Karsha, my housemate, so ... any excuse for a photoshoot!

                                              And I think I may update the design of my blog =]